Going Global: The Life Changing Experiences of 10 Courageous Black Men


  • Paperback: 115 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (11 Feb. 2019)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 0.7 x 21.6 cm


In the search for peace of mind, relaxation, fulfillment, and work/life balance, many Americans look for all possible options. As American Black Men, this search carries a heavier weight. From the constraints of familial and cultural roles, to the binding weight of making-ends-meet with the responsibility of breadwinning. Let us also add ever-present racial injustices and our roles in training our children to recognize, prepare for, and respond to them (while remaining alive), all while maintaining our sanity and cool. We fight through these constraints, but constantly yearn for something more. We, whether being fed up with the status quo, wanting to try something new, or wanting to get away from it all, took a leap of faith and moved to foreign land. On this journey, we have learned, experienced, accepted, and have had our eyes opened to who we are as men, Americans, fathers, husbands, brothers, Black Americans and more. You will learn about 10 Courageous Black Men in this text. We are business men, educators, writers, and military service men. We have made the decision to pack up our knowledge, skills, and Black Power from America and we are now Going Global. To anyone who has ever wondered, considered, or dreamt of living abroad, we write this book to serve as your motivation to let go and live the life of your dreams.


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