About Us

Black Girl In Dubai is the essential urban hub, connecting, celebrating and uniting the black women’s experiences in the UAE.


Whether you’ve just moved to the UAE, you’ve lived here for a while or you’re just visiting for business or pleasure, it’s always a different, sometimes challenging experience being away from home, especially when trying to find the familiar things you need as a person of colour.


As exciting as a new territory and opportunity can be, the high buzz can quickly turn low, with frustrations and uncertainty building up and not knowing if you’re even getting any closer to what you seek or finding like minded sisters you can connect with like your people back home.

No matter where you’re from or what society norms you’re used to, be it Western culture in the UK, Europe or USA to the African heritage and traditions, once in the UAE, many common threads connect our thoughts, needs and desires together with many overlapping themes. Many of us are thinking, feeling and asking the same things: 



“Where can I get my afro hair braided?
Who can I trust to treat my hair with care?
Where can I buy plantain that’s not twice the price of back home and what will happen if I run out of shea butter before I get to top up my supply?”

Often, the lack of knowledge, small friendship circle or expense, time and inconvenience of traveling across the UAE makes us do the fastest, easiest, ‘cheapest thing’, missing out on finding, shopping, supporting and connecting with our fellow people and building the nurturing genuine relationships and businesses we ideally want and we need to survive. The result for many leaves us over charged of our hard earned dirhams, unfulfilled. 


Black Girl In Dubai was created to connect people of colour and our unique experiences, whilst also giving exposure to the many black businesses that are in the UAE, connecting each other in a community to interact, seek and support each other.  


If you’re new to the UAE, lived here for a while or simply passing through, take a browse of the hub of businesses, events, opportunities and more on our site and let’s connect and build together.