5 Reasons to Support 100+ Black Owned Businesses in Dubai and UAE


This platform was created with the passion and mission to bring the community together after many tireless and failed attempts to find the right hair and skin products, or sisterhood with likeminded people who could relate or empathise with all the associated hiccups when relocating to a new county.

With the UAE’s diverse melting pot of over 200 nationalities and multiple languages, it is a beautiful expression to meet so many people from all walks of life. However, with Dubai’s fast paced lifestyle, it can be easy to get lost in the mix and go unseen by the masses without exposure and lasting connections.

Since its inception in 2019, Black Girl In Dubai has curated over 100+ business listings and relations in Dubai and across the UAE, making it easier for visitors and residents to find, share and shop with black owned businesses with authentic goods and services.

Why Now?

With the recent shift in race discussions globally after the tragic murder of George Floyd rocked the world to awaken on the continuous issue mistreatment of black lives and it’s desensitised nature in society, it has forced difficult conversations and caused many to reflect on their part in tackling racism and colourism to love and support each other as equal human beings.

The shift has been a difficult but very much welcomed one as the black community have always known that our culture is very much loved and enjoyed by a wide array of nationalities, whilst perhaps their being has not been embraced as much. Be it food, music, art, sports or medicine, many practices, inventions and everyday culture is in mainstream use but undervalues the creators. Now, the shift has meant that many are seeking ways to love and appreciate both the beauty and complexities in black culture as well as loving and understanding the beings who create it. 

If you haven’t already or find it hard to locate black businesses, here are a few reasons why you should start and continue to support black businesses in the UAE (and beyond):


1. Authentic Culture From Authentic People

There is such a wide array of culture, tradition, flavours and custom when it comes to food and fashion from black people. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Overall, we have such a beautiful array of talent and gifts right here in the UAE alone. Often though, due to lack of exposure and misconceptions about black businesses being non existent or having bad service in general, the culture can often be appropriated by others which does not give a true accurate reflection of the culture, or it is completely missing from the marketplace all together. So by indulging in the choices of what black businesses have to offer, you can experience and support authenticity, spoil yourself and find that you discover many amazing products and services to enhance your life. Just like you love expect great Italian food made by Italians, or amazing Indian food by Indians, let’s support and enjoy the real flavours of Jamaican food cooked by Jamaicans and African food cooked by Africans.  


2. Black Businesses are Underexposed in Society

Starting a business can be a great but challenging task for anyone. As with many, some black businesses may be small in size and thus be limited in terms or funds, connections or manpower to have the exposure to gain regular clients. Coupled with the stigmas and lack of community support from those who need or want the service, black businesses struggle more than others to be seen and heard above the larger or more mainstream businesses who may be more exposed or accepted in society

3. Building Your Economy 

As the year has shaken up with many unexpected and unprecedented economic crisis’ due to Covid-19, it’s has never been a more important time to practice supporting local black businesses who serve the economy. In addition, many communities such as the Jewish or Asian community successfully practice group economics which can be defined as a group of people who have a common economic interest. That group agrees and actively support and pursue that economic interest for themselves to create a sustainable and secure economy for themselves. As the African diaspora has been scattered and segregated across the globe, the long term effects have meant that on a whole, this group in society spend the most outside of their community (in most industries across the world) and have no stable ecosystem of sustainability making the black community perfect consumers for products and services.


4. Creates Jobs and Opportunities

The more successful businesses are in the economy, the more jobs and opportunities there are for collaboration and exposure to the marketplace.


5. Welcomes Diversity

Having diverse businesses, products and services brings about diversity in the economy, as well as diverse voices, talent and skills in the workplace.


Overall, supporting black businesses can be done in a variety of ways whether it’s sharing their content, buying, hiring, giving reviews or giving feedback for improvement.

It is not about being against or ‘anti’ any other culture. If you are black, it’s simply about maintaining and strengthening the local community and taking care of home first, much like many other cultures do and successfully practice to build community, wealth, leverage, foundation and legacy for their family. If you are non black, it is simply about enjoying and supporting authentic products and services from a black business who you may not have otherwise considered or discovered from mainstream choices you are used to.

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