West to West Kitchen – Where Africa meets the Caribbean in the Desert

When you think of the Middle East, it may be hard to imagine that you can find any traces of the tropical islands or the beauty of the Mother Land amongst the sand dunes, Arab culture & city landscape of the UAE. However, with the fast paced transformation of the country’s skyline and the influx of over 200 nationalities in the last 50 years, West to West Kitchen has firmly planted their roots in the capital city, bringing a unique blend of the Caribbean and West Africa to Abu Dhabi.

Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas with salad

As a family owned restaurant, West to West Kitchen offers a beautiful fusion of flavours and dishes from different cultures you may not usually see mixed together. Curated with love and with the help of elders in the family, the menu consists of traditional meals from the West Indies, Jamaica &Trinidad as well as West African classics from Sierra Leone. This is the family’s origin; this is the food they grew up on; this is the food they love to eat and share. 

Trinidadian Doubles

The West African and Caribbean dining scene is growing, in a positive way, in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole.

One of the West to West Kitchen owners, Laddi Knights, shares his thoughts: “When our journey started, there were no restaurants in Abu Dhabi offering the home-cooked, Sierra Leonean, Trinidadian and Jamaican food we grew up eating  go out with. However, after opening our first pop-up store in Yas Mall in 2018, flash forward just four for years, and the number of Jamaican restaurants in the capital is slowly increasing. This promising trend shows what we always suspected: there is definitely an appetite for our cuisine right here in the desert.

Sierra Leonean Jollof Rice, Curry Goat and Plantains

West to West Kitchen cordially invites you to enjoy the their mix of cultures through your taste buds.

Have you tried traditional Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Sierra Leonean Jollof Rice? How about Sierra Leone Chicken Groundnut Stew with Jamaican Rice and Peas? Who is to say a side of Jamaican Jerk wings doesn’t go down well with Trinidadian Doubles?

If you haven’t sampled these West African and Caribbean blends and want some good, home-cooked, flavoursome food, pop in for a visit at Al Bzaymi Street Zone 1, Abu Dhabi or place your order on Zomato and Talabat today. There is no place like it in the UAE and you won’t be disappointed!

See their listing here and follow @WesttoWestKitchen on Instagram.


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