Transform Your Life 365 Degrees


Shatter the cage of your mind…

Step out of the wreck into Greatness

We are all born valuable but sometimes, we struggle to see our worth. We get caught up in the current of life and forget to remember ourselves. But if we stop to listen, we will hear that little voice inside whisper, “You are made for more”. You are made to have fun, to feel love, to find freedom. You are made to become the greatest expression of yourself and to live a life of dreams come true. And you already have the tools you need to get you there. All you need now is to learn how to use them.

Using this daily companion, you will uncover the true you and reach your greatest potential.

This book contains:

  • Thought-provoking questions that you need to ask yourself, to help you evaluate your life and the direction it is going.
  • Challenges to enable you to grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone.
  • Goal setting to keep you focused and on track to achieve all that you desire.
  • Affirmations to build you up and help you discover your worth.

And many more uplifting wonders to inspire your mind, encourage your growth and nurture your soul.

If you’re tired of holding back, not being where you want to be, or if you know, in your heart, that it’s time to revolutionise your life and live free, then dive into this life-changing motivation handbook and transform your life.

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About the author

USA Today Bestselling Author & a citizen of the world; S. McPherson was born in England, moved to Saudi Arabia when she was five then on to Dubai at the age of seven. S. McPherson briefly lived in Scotland, she is originally from Jamaica and her mind is often far, far away in lands people have never heard of.

S. McPherson has always loved writing in all its forms and at the tender age of eight, she dreamt of being a member of the next big pop group where she could sing and write songs all day. When that inexplicably fell through (how could she not be the next Beyonce??), she moved on to poems, scripts and eventually novels.

Having met many different people – imaginary and real – along her travels, S. McPherson has a vast array of characters buzzing in her head bursting to be let loose on a page or two of fantasy


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