Private Equity is a clothing line based on promoting financial literacy combined with fashionable pieces to bring about awareness. Exclusive to Category London, you can shop the collection of merchandise and commit to caused which are solution based.


In light of the 2020 race discussions, Private Equity and Category London have teamed up once again to share clothing with a message:


'In 2020, we should know that police brutality and racism is not only culturally abysmal, it’s also morally bankrupt. With tensions between people of color and people with badges, escalating to a height that hasn’t been seen since the civil rights movement in the mid 1900’s, it’s more important than ever to understand, recognize and respect human diversity. While the USA is globally known as the land of the free, its important to note that not all people are categorized by equal levels of acceptance. Not all people have a voice of freedom. Marginalized communities all over the US have a voice that goes largely unheard. We watched America turn a blind eye and deaf ear to these issues for far too long.


As we watch and listen to Eric Garner’s and George Floyd’s cries for help on video, “I can’t breathe” became more than just words, they became the uncomfortable truth that resonated within communities across the world. They hit emotional triggers that sparked action including protests, boycotts, and unfortunately riots. We have seen how things escalated in almost every major city in America and now America is holding its breath. “I can’t breathe” takes on a new meaning. The world is anxiously waiting to see what happens next.


As we stand with our families, friends, community members and cities it’s time for us all to breathe. Its time for us to take a deep breath and sort out our problems. It’s time to fix the historical errors committed by people with political and economic power and restore justice to marginalized communities. We can’t continue to watch things escalate, in order to get things done we must acknowledge, plan, and organize. In order to find the road to peace and true equality, black people and people with a badge, must first acknowledge each situation, each encounter, and each event in an attempt to de-escalate.


Join Category London and Private Equity in their efforts to being apart of the solution. We support and a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

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